Invited Lectures

[Upcoming] TBC, keynote lecture at ‘Insights through Metaphors. Metaphors, Pictures, and Epistemic Values’, University of Konstanz, June 2024.

[Upcoming] ‘Representation without Absolutism’, keynote lecture at ‘Unity and Disunity in Science. Philosophical, Historical and Theological Perspectives’, University of Notre Dame, April 2024.

[Upcoming] ‘Modelling without Guarantees’, keynote lecture at ‘The Reality and Fictionality of Scientific Modelling: From Physics to Self-Models’, University of Bonn, Germany, March 2024.

‘Decision-making with Model Ensembles’, keynote lecture at the 15th Conference of the Italian Society for Analytical Philosophy (SIFA) entitled ‘Who is Afraid of Philosophy’, University of Eastern Piedmont, Alessandria, September 2023.

‘Decision-making with Model Ensembles’, keynote lecture at the triennial congress of the Italian Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science, University of Urbino, Urbino, September 2023.

‘Structuralism, Family Ties and Red Wine: Wolfgang Stegmüller @ 100’, plenary lecture of the symposium on the 100th birthday of Wolfgang Stegmüller (hosted by the Carl Friedrich von Siemens-Stiftung), Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, June 2023.

‘Making Confident Decisions with Model Ensembles’, BIAP Lecture, Barcelona, June 2023.

‘Red Squares and Bouncing Balls – From Art to Science and Back Again’, keynote lecture at the SLSAeu23 conference entitled ‘Models, Metaphors and Simulations: Epistemic Transformations in Literature, Science and the Arts’, University of Erlangen, May 2023.

‘Understanding Scientific Representation’, keynote lecture of the conference ‘Science and Model’, Hokkaido University, February 2023.

‘Understanding Scientific Representation’ Kyoto University, February 2023.

‘Models and Theories’, book launch lecture, Sapienza University Rome, December 2022.

‘Philosophy of Scientific Models’ and ‘Models in Climate Science’, Politecnico di Milano, June 2021 [repeat of the 2019 lectures.]

‘Hurricane! Making Confident Decisions Under Severe Uncertainty’, Herman Roelants Lecture on Science, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, May 2019.

‘Philosophy of Scientific Models’ and ‘Models in Climate Science’, Politecnico di Milano, March 2019.

‘Making Confident Decisions with Model Ensembles’ and ‘Mathematics is Not the Only Language in the Book of Nature’, Jornadas XIX Rolando Chuaqui Kettlun, Universidad de Concepción, Concepción, Chile, August 2018.

‘A New Approach to the Approach to Equilibrium’, For a Bottom-Up Epistemology. A Workshop in Honour of Maria Carla Galavotti, Bologna, June 2018.

‘Philosophical Perspectives on Climate Change and Intergenerational Justice’, University of Mauritius, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius, April 2018.

‘Rethinking Equilibrium’, Imperial College London, November 2017.

‘The Emperor’s New Clothes: Computer Methods and the New Philosophy of Science’, IHPST, Sorbonne, Paris, April 2017.

‘Modelling and Representing’, MCMP, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, April 2017.

‘A Primer on Scientific Modelling’, Sapienza – Università di Roma. October 2016.

‘The Turn of the Valve: How Models Represent’, keynote lecture at the 10th Congress of the Asociación de Filosofía e Historia de la Ciencia del Cono Sur (AFHIC), Águas de Lindoia, Brazil, September 2016.

‘The Turn of the Valve: How Models Represent’, keynote lecture at ‘EENPS 2016: The Inaugural Conference of the East European Network for Philosophy of Science’, New Bulgarian University, Sofia, June 2016.

‘Determinism and Chance – An Impossible Encounter?’, invited lecture at ‘Chance Encounter’, University of Groningen, June 2016.

‘Models and Fictions’, invited lecture at ‘Models and Explanations in Economics‘, University of Innsbruck, June 2016.

‘The Turn of the Valve: How Models Represent’, keynote lecture at Models and Simulations 7, Universitat de Barcelona, May 2016.

Two lectures on modelling (‘Scientific Modelling’ and ‘How Models Represent’), Università Ca’Foscari, Venice, February 2016.

‘The Turn of the Valve: How Models Represent’, Workshop ‘Representation in Art and Science’, University of Manchester, Manchester, February 2016.

‘Rethinking Equilibrium (in Boltzmannian Statistical Mechanics)’, The Cambridge Masterclass in Philosophy of Physics: Thermal Physics, University of Cambridge, November 2015.

‘Climate Change and Intergenerational Justice’, Faculty Colloquium, Ludwig Maximilians Universität München, October 2015.

‘Structuralism and the Pragmatics of Scientific Representation’, Workshop ‘Describing the Abstract and Representing the Real’, University of Cyprus, May 2015, with James Nguyen.

‘The Science of Climate Change: A Three-Part Crash Course’, 3 lectures, The Rotman Institute, University of Western Ontario, London/Ontario, September 2014.

‘How Not to Make Decisions with Computer Simulations’, keynote Lecture at the ‘Third International Workshop on Validation of Computational Mechanics Models’ (EC-FP7 Project VANESSA), Munich, June 2014.

‘Evidence Based Policy for Local Adaptation’, Conference in Honour of Nancy Cartwright’s 70 Birthday, University of Durham, June 2014.

‘Scientific Imagination: Thought Experiments and Modelling’, invited lecture at ‘Modeling and Scientific Explanation’, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Jerusalem, June 2014, with Fiora Salis.

‘Mathematisation and Representation’, keynote lecture at the conference ‘The Development of Mathematical Concepts and Styles of Reasoning in Mathematical and Scientific Practice’, University of East Anglia, Norwich, June 2014.

‘Fiction and Scientific Representation’, ‘Philosophy of Science: Contemporary Debates’ Lecture Series. University of Edinburgh, March 2014.

‘Chaos Beyond the Butterfly Effect: The Poison Pill of Structural Model Error’, Center for Advanced Studies, Ludwig Maximilians Universität München, January 2014.

Sole Lecturer in the first ‘LSE-Tsinghua Workshop for Philosophy of Social Science’ on the topic ‘Evidence and Policy: The Case of Climate Change’, 5 lectures, Tsinghua University, Beijing, September 2013.

‘What Do We Owe to Future Generations? Climate Change and Intergenerational Justice’, Renmin University, Beijing, September 2013.

‘What Do We Owe to Future Generations? Climate Change and Intergenerational Justice’, China Agricultural University, Beijing, September 2013.

‘Climate Change and Uncertainty: Implications for Policy’, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, September 2013.

‘Laplace’s Demon and the Adventures of His Apprentices’, Fudan University, Shanghai, September 2013.

Main lecturer in the Vienna International Summer University 2013: Climate Studies. 5 lectures on different aspects of climate change, July 2013.

‘The Reduction of Thermodynamics to Statistical Mechanics – A Re-Evaluation’, Institute of Philosophy, Research Center for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, March 2013.

‘Laplace’s Demon and the Adventures of His Apprentice’, California State University Los Angeles, November 2012.

‘Modelling Scientific Modelling’, Tsinghua University, Beijing, August 2012.

‘Modelling Scientific Modelling’, Public Lecture Series, Institut Wiener Kreis and the Department of Philosophy of the University of Vienna, Vienna, June 2012.

‘Clouds Over Climate Modelling’, Keynote Address, Bristol Graduate Conference, June 2012, University of Bristol.

‘Models and Fiction’, Royal Institute of Philosophy Public Lecture, University of Bradford, November 2011.

‘Explaining Thermodynamic-Like Behaviour in Terms of Epsilon-Ergodicity’, 14th Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Nancy, France, July 2011.

‘Climate Forecasting with Chaos, or Chaos in Climate Forecasting?’, Climate Science and Climate Change: Epistemological and Methodological Issues. Symposium of the Société de Philosophie des Science. Nancy, France, July 2011.

‘Climate Forecasting with Chaos, or Chaos in Climate Forecasting?’, British Society for Philosophy of Science Annual Conference, July 2011.

‘Fiction and Scientific Modeling’, Descartes Centre, University of Utrecht, November 2010.

‘Fiction and Scientific Modeling’, Caltech, April 2010.

‘Models and Fiction’, IHPST Colloquium, University of Toronto, March 2010.

‘Determinism and Chance’, British Society for the Philosophy of Science, November 2009.

‘Statistische Mechanik, Reduktionismus und Wahrscheinlichkeit’, Zentrale Einrichtung für Wissenschaftstheorie und Wissenschaftsethik (ZEWW), Universiät Hannover, January 2009.

‘Probability in Deterministic Systems’, Università di Bologna, April 2008.

‘The Foundations of Statistical Mechanics: Is There a Safe Way Between Scylla and Charybdis?’, Imperial College London, October 2007.

‘Probabilities in Quantum Mechanics’, Università di Bologna, February 2006.

‘Properties in Quantum Mechanics’, Imperial College London, October 2005.

‘Entropy – One Word, Many Concepts’ (two lectures), International Summer School Philosophy, Probability and Physics, Universiät Konstanz, August 2005.

‘Auf der Suche nach einer Theorie der Wissenschaftlichen Repräsentation’, Inaugural meeting of the ‘Arbeitskreis Philosophie’ of the German Physical Society, Universiät Heidelberg, October 2004.

‘Experiment und Kausalität’, Universiät Basel, May 1999.

‘Kausalität, Determinismus und Chaos’, Universiät Basel, May 1998.