Roman Frigg

Teaching LSE Tsinghua Workshop 2013
Teaching Vienna International Summer University 2013


Courses taught at LSE over the last few years:

  • Philosophy of Physics

  • Philosophy of Science

  • Evidence, Objectivity and Policy (parts)

  • Reason Knowledge and Values (parts)

  • Fallacies of Reasoning (parts)

  • Research Seminar in Philosophy of Natural Science

Summer School Teaching:

  • First LSE-Tsinghua Workshop for Philosophy of Social Science: ‘Evidence and Policy: The Case of Climate Change’, Tsinghua University, Beijing, September 2013, 5 Lectures.

  • Vienna International Summer University 2013: ‘Climate Studies’. University of Vienna, July 2013, 5 lectures.

  • International Summer School on Philosophy, Probability and Physics, Universiät Konstanz, August 2005, 2 lectures.

PhD Students:

  • Charles Beasley: Dissolving the Logical Problem in Non-Human Animal Mindreading Research [working title] (in progress).

  • Margherita Harris: Assessing Uncertainy [working title] (in progress)

  • James Wills: The Gibbs Paradox [working title] (in progress)

  • Joe Roussos: Decision-Making Under Uncertainty [working title] (in progress)

  • Nicolas Wüthrich: Robustness, Evidence, and Uncertainty An exploration of policy applications of robustness analysis (October 2017).

  • James Nguyen: How Models Represent (April 2016).

  • Chris Blunt: Hierarchies of Evidence in Evidence Based Medicine (December 2015).

  • Jacob Bjorheim: The Philosophy of Finance (July 2014).

  • Andrew Goldfinch: Evolutionary Psychology: Theoretical and Methodological Foundations (April 2013).

  • Stanislav Larski: Simplicity in Model Selection: Formal Methods and Scientific Realism (April 2013).

  • Seamus Bradley: Rational Decision-making on the Basis of Non-Linear Models (January 2013).

  • Dean Peters: Scientific Realism (January 2013).

  • Foad Dizadji-Bahmani: Probability and Reductionism in Statistical Mechanics (March 2012).

  • Bengt Autzen: Probability in Evolutionary Biology (July 2011).

  • Sheldon Steed: Otto Neurath's Positivism (January 2011).

  • Jeremy Howick: The methodology randomised clinical trials (July 2008).

  • Peter Ainsworth: The Structure of Scientific Theories (April 2008).

  • Matteo Morganti: Empiricism, Ontology, and Experimental Metaphysics (November 2007).

  • Gabriele Contessa: Models as Fictional Entities (July 2007).